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3 Nov 2012

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Achieving high conversion rates with your website can be done, yet the right steps be taken. Determining what converts the best really comes down to testing. If you do this right, you will automatically see what you need to do. However, if you look around you'll see that many websites tend to have some annoying factors that don't go along too well with the visitors, which hurts their conversion rate. So how do you really make sure you stay away from anything that your visitors won't like?

In this article, we will present three strategies that can help you boost your lower conversions by doing very simple tasks.

The goal of having visitors come to your website is to have them navigate to find things to purchase. If the navigation system is too confusing for them, they could end up getting lost, and then leaving. Today you've got all types of technologies to help you make your site more professional and create amazing designs, including beautiful navigation systems, but that doesn't mean you should stuff fifty links into a single drop down menu. Hitting the exit button is probably what your visitors will do if they run out of patience trying to find their way around your beautiful, but overelaborate, navigation system. To make it easier on your visitors, you need to set up a search bar for them to find information on your website, plus provide categories for every piece of content that you have.

Sometimes you will have visitors that will be open and honest with you, describing how terrible it was to visit your website. When visitors do provide feedback, this can help you understand why your conversion rates are low, and then you can actually do something about it. As long as you understand what your visitors are saying, providing a great user experience is so much more easy when you have this information. If you want your site to succeed for the long-term, then you need to take this feedback, take it seriously, and then do something about it right away.

Sometimes we will find compelling websites that have no call to action - ever come across one?

Converting sites are hard to come by, and if you actually do have one, without a call to action, it is a tragedy, and also a loss of potential revenue. Every single page that you put up on your website should have a purpose, and it should direct the reader into taking a certain action - that's the only way you will be able to grow because without any action happening on your site, you won't see any measurable results.

In conclusion, there are many factors on your website that may be damaging your site's reputation, and also creating low conversion rates that is costing you sales every single day. Your website's performance needs to be on your mind at all times. Likewise, you need to do some housecleaning if necessary to get it up to par, thus potentially improving your website's conversion rates in the process. In reality, your target audience is who you need to cater to, which means you have to make your website as user-friendly as possible.


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